Back in the saddle

My friends Matt and Tyler and I just finished paddling the Vermilion River in northern Minnesota. It was a lovely, peaceful river, with just enough rapids, falls, and portages to keep it interesting. We spent 5 days on the trip, but could have easily done it in 3. We were busy enjoying other things like camaraderie, wildlife, and card games. The weather was great except for one night it got down to 45⁰. The final night we camped at Vermilion Falls and fell asleep to a comforting and constant roar.

Vermilion High Falls

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  1. Hi Annie! Thanks for sharing the news of your most recent adventure, complete with the beautiful picture of the High Falls. I’m thinking you portaged around the High Falls?…, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you ran them!
    You didn’t mention MUD at all. I’m sorry your adventure lacked that key ingredient of a REAL river trip. Better luck next time! Xoxo desknut. P.S. I’m Ricka, right?


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