A new-style grain bin

Several times in the last few weeks I have found pieces of dog food in my boots when I put them on in the morning. I figured either I dropped a piece into my cuff accidentally or Monkey the dog was a messy eater. This morning I put on a boot in the dark and... Continue Reading →

Foggy Bottom

I play the organ for Sunday morning services at a little Lutheran church an hour away from my cabin. As the fall progresses and the days get shorter, my departures for the 8:30 service becomes more and more light-impaired. A week ago I got down to my boat in the early dawn and realized it... Continue Reading →

Outhouse update

Sorry to leave you in the lurch concerning the progress of my outhouse. I finished the hole after about 12 hours of digging, spaced over a couple weeks. At that point I hit bedrock and decided the pit was deep enough at four and a half feet. It is about three and a half feet... Continue Reading →

Post from the pit

People ask me "What have you been doing since you finished the first leg of your epic voyage?" I am sure they are expecting an answer about something equally stimulating, deep, and long-lasting. And they are right!I spend my days (when I'm not working for the forest service) digging a hole. Each morning I wake... Continue Reading →

Visitors to the Summer Kitchen

Our cabin has a summer kitchen. That means it is screened-in but is in no way watertight or varmint-proof. I had been having some problems with what I thought were mice eating foodstuffs left on the counter. The confusing part was that the evidence the critters left behind was much larger than mouse poop. I... Continue Reading →

Bloody Moon

Usually, when there are astronomical wonders to behold in the night sky, I am fast asleep. I just can't make my self stay up late to look at something so chancey. But Sunday night I happened to awaken at 11:30 p.m., right at the predicted pinnacle of the lunar eclipse. I put on my bathrobe... Continue Reading →

The Forest Service

What does one do while stranded for weeks at the edge of a frozen lake? I have a part-time job with the US Forest Service in Cook, Minnesota. Because I am here in town and can't get to the cabin, I have been working full-time instead of part-time. I haven't worked  40 hour a week... Continue Reading →

Happy May Day!

I am still hanging out on the edge of the lake, waiting for the ice to go out. This is a picture of my boat this week. Once the snow in it disappears, I will pick my way through the ice floes to my cabin. What a spring!

I Don’t Own an Ice Boat

I am all packed and ready to leave for northern Minnesota for the summer. I start work at the forest service on April 25th, so I thought leaving right after Easter was a good idea. I asked the guys who work at the boathouse to get my motor on my boat so I can tear... Continue Reading →

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