Trouble ahead

We pushed off into a windy Lake Winnipeg on the second leg of our trip to Hudson Bay. Within minutes our canoe was taking in water over the bow because of the big waves. Debbie and Debbie both concluded that the best way to avoid taking on water was to move to the back of... Continue Reading →

The Galapagos Report

I have lived many places in my 70 years, and have travelled to countless others. I don't usually rave about a location even if I loved it. I don't make bored dinner guests watch endless slideshows. But my recent trip to the Galapagos Islands is an exception. If you are looking for unusual and weird... Continue Reading →

Galapagos Islands, Here I Come!

The Island Girl is at it again! I leave home on Monday for a week exploring the Galapagos Islands. I expect that it will be reminiscent of Iceland, except for the heat, the rain, the snorkeling, the cacti, the buried pirate treasure, and the wildlife: blue-footed boobies, lumbering giant tortoises, showy frigatebirds, the only marine... Continue Reading →

In the Bleak Midwinter

This week I went up to Elbow Lake where our cabin is. The snow was deep, fresh, clean, white, fluffy, and undisturbed. It stood about 18 inches tall on every horizontal surface. I went for a walk in the deafening silence and realized that 50 years ago this month I was on my first foray... Continue Reading →

The Big, Wide Red

I am excited to tell you that a story about our Red River paddling trip has just been published in the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer. This is a magazine published by the Minnesota DNR that seeks to preserve, protect, and publicize Minnesota's natural treasures. Check it out here: (pressing the blue letters should give you the... Continue Reading →

It’s just another day

It was a dark and stormy night, and a rainy and windy dawn. I loaded my boat with things I am taking home to Iowa, as it will take many trips to get everything to my car. Crossing the lake, I thought to myself, "It is really windy today! " but since I was heading... Continue Reading →

A new-style grain bin

Several times in the last few weeks I have found pieces of dog food in my boots when I put them on in the morning. I figured either I dropped a piece into my cuff accidentally or Monkey the dog was a messy eater. This morning I put on a boot in the dark and... Continue Reading →

Foggy Bottom

I play the organ for Sunday morning services at a little Lutheran church an hour away from my cabin. As the fall progresses and the days get shorter, my departures for the 8:30 service becomes more and more light-impaired. A week ago I got down to my boat in the early dawn and realized it... Continue Reading →

Outhouse update

Sorry to leave you in the lurch concerning the progress of my outhouse. I finished the hole after about 12 hours of digging, spaced over a couple weeks. At that point I hit bedrock and decided the pit was deep enough at four and a half feet. It is about three and a half feet... Continue Reading →

Post from the pit

People ask me "What have you been doing since you finished the first leg of your epic voyage?" I am sure they are expecting an answer about something equally stimulating, deep, and long-lasting. And they are right!I spend my days (when I'm not working for the forest service) digging a hole. Each morning I wake... Continue Reading →

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