It’s a wrap!

We paddled 456 miles in 18 days, from Lake Traverse on the eastern border of South Dakota, to Pembina, North Dakota, on the Canadian border. ln the process we lost 2 shoes, one bandana, a bag of cords, a head net, and a flashlight. We gained a new perspective on the Red River as a powerful and destructive force. We also discovered it to be a state-long greenway teeming with wildlife.
Unlike canoe trips in former lifetimes, we got more and more tired as the days went on. Although we feel stronger than before we began, we will need some time to recuperate. In case you are wondering, we are all still talking to each other. There were very few squabbles.
Deb, Deb, and I thank you for following our travails on this trip. We hope you will continue to do so throughout the coming year as we prepare for the second leg of our 3-year expedition. Next year will be the Canadian border to the north end of Lake Winnipeg.

Approaching Pembina, where we found the only dock on our entire trip.
Looking very clean, considering.

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  1. It wouldn’t be nearly so memorable without challenges. You may have lost a few things, but you didn’t lose the canoe ala St Louis!!!!
    Peace and love from Farmer Paul


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