June 25

We ended up staying in the emergency shelter in Drayton last night. It was the old school gym and had a kitchen and bathroom. We were in heaven! The storms outside seemed to rage on forever. This morning our canoe was half full of water. We fought a wind all day again today. When it is a headwind from the West and we are going north, we have to thread the needle between submerged bushes and trees on the left and breaking roller waves on the right. Tonight we are staying on an oak-filled plateau high above the water. It was a chore to get up here, but it is flat, grassy, and beautiful. We are 22 miles from Pembina.

The emergency shelter in Drayton, North Dakota, which we had all to ourselves.

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  1. I’m so glad you were safe last night and that the weather was at least a bit better today. It’s storming here in Winnipeg right now, so wonder how you are faring. I’ll bet you are going to be very happy to reach Pembina!


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