We are sitting in a bar in Drayton ND, waiting for the tornado warnings and torrential rain to end. We had lots of wind today. When it was in our faces, it was tough.We had 12-inch rollers coming at us because of the wind. But when it was at our backs, we flew! We passed quite a few abandoned farms that have been wrecked by the Red. We have had 2 fish jump into our canoe so far.

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  1. Hi Anne!
    I’ve been reading of your adventures! I love hearing about what you’ve encountered and seen. I’m wishing you a good trip the rest of the way! You are brave and courageous and adventuresome and spirited and I admire that about you!
    Sue Roe ________________________________


  2. Wow! What a day you have had! I couldn’t even press “like” on this post. So sorry to hear of the tornado warnings, torrential rain and heavy winds. I’m glad to hear you found refuge – but what about your canoe? Stay safe, Anne and Debs! Gayle


  3. Our canoe was pulled up in the mud, but the more it rained the more worried I became. In the late evening Deb and I walked down to the river in our pajamas and boots. There were five burly men fishing near our canoe in the rain. They greeted us and asked us what we were doing and when we said we were going to pull our canoe up further and tie it to a light pole they said, “We’ll do it. Don’t come down here in the mud.” So we trusted them and went back to the shelter. In the morning our canoe was high and dry. Well, really it was high and full of water, but it was still there!


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