Mud City

Our canoe was still waiting for us in the bushes this morning. No one had wanted to wade out in the foot- deep mud to steal it. We got to the midtown Fargo dam and scouted it out from piles of mud that a skid loader had scraped together. It looked like nothing so much as a pile of chocolate pudding, with the same texture. But after our scouting, we decided we could run the dam without portaging, which we did without incident. The third dam we didn’t even scout–we just went. Tonight we are camped on a mud bar. There are a few pieces of grass between us and the mud. It was a very windy day so we didn’t make much progress. It appears that the mud north of Fargo is a little bit more solid than the mud south of Fargo. That is to our advantage!

A relatively tame muddied boot

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