We made it to Fargo by the middle of the afternoon. There are three dams in the Fargo area. We had to cross one before we entered the city. The access was total mud and the portage trail was the same, so by the time we reached our destination, we were filthy once again, plus our canoe had gained about 100 pounds of sticky clay on the bottom. We intended to camp at the Lindenwood Campground which is right on the water and which looked extremely inviting to us as we approached. Nice green grass, water hydrants, and a dry road.However, although none of the water sites were occupied, we were not allowed to camp there because it was too muddy. I told the lady we were well accustomed to camping in mud, but she would not budge. The Debs decided to get a hotel, and my high school friend Julie C appeared like an angel and drove us around Fargo, filthy as we were. I met up with am old teacher friend and also visited my uncle in the hospital. Julie allowed me to sleep in her lovely guest room, but I had a hard time falling asleep because of all the wood ticks I was pulling off. We stashed the canoe in some bushes and hope that it is still there this morning.

Julie gave me this very appropriate t-shirt. The fine print says “America’s Premier Natural Partition.”

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  1. My question at this point, Anne, is “Are you having fun yet?” So far this sounds like one big muddy mess! I hope things improve. Thinking of you. From your “old” friend, Gayle.


  2. Your remark about wood ticks reminded me of a visit in the late 80s that Gus, our two kids and I made to your parents’ cabin near Hackensack MN. At one point we four came back from a walk along the lake shore absolutely covered in wood ticks. It took hours before we finally rid ourselves of the last of them and were we ever freaking out!!!! You have my sympathy and I repeat, “Are you having fun yet?” Gayle


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