This is not junk!

This is not junk!

This is my essential gear.
I have started packing for the first leg of our canoe trip to Hudson Bay. Part of the packing problem, especially when it comes to food, stems from not knowing how long it will take us to paddle 500 miles. Our little trio has never done that in one stretch before. Regardless, the gear needed remains pretty much the same. Here is a photo of everything I am taking, except for food and clothing. From left to right:
Duluth pack with liner
Therm-a-rest sleeping pad
Water jug
Maps and compass in waterproof case
Sleeping bag

Solar charger
Jetboil stove
Toilet paper
Bug net
Cook kit and spoon
Fuel for Jetboil

This is not junk!
Thirty days, one tidy little pack!

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