Bloody Moon

Usually, when there are astronomical wonders to behold in the night sky, I am fast asleep. I just can’t make my self stay up late to look at something so chancey. But Sunday night I happened to awaken at 11:30 p.m., right at the predicted pinnacle of the lunar eclipse. I put on my bathrobe and went out on the deck to see what I could see. Looking straight up, I saw a zillion bright white stars, but no moon. The night was very clear but the trees were very dense, even though the birches are just beginning to bud. It was the pines that were so uncooperative. So I trudged down to the dock in my slippers and was greeted by the total “blood moon” lunar eclipse at its peak, a lovely pink surrounded by bright dancing stars, all reflecting in the water. I believe the stars were so bright because the moon was so dim. Unfortunately, I had left my phone back in the cabin, so the accompanying photo is not my own. At any rate, it was well worth crawling out of my snuggly bed. Next time I hope it will be the aurora borealis that pulls me out of my dreams.

Photo by Getty Images

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