3-Month Countdown

Welcome to March! Welcome to Spring!

We have three months to get ready for the first of our three long legs on the way to Hudson Bay. Although we paddled the Mississippi for thirteen years, we never paddled over 18 days at a stretch, so this will be a little different for us. We expect the jaunt this year will take between 3 and 4 weeks. It is approximately 600 miles from the dam on the north end of Lake Traverse, up the Bois des Sioux River to Breckenridge, then up the Red River to Lake Winnipeg.

Here is the list of things that must be accomplished before we depart in early June:

  • Secure maps
  • Find out how to cross an international covid-restricted border in a canoe
  • Plan, buy, and package meals
  • Inspect all equipment, including canoes, paddles, tents, packs, cook kit, sleeping bags, therm-a-rest pads, repair kit, first aid kit, ropes, compass, flashlights, water jugs, tarp, stove, fuel, dishes, mugs, utensils, toilet paper, lighters, water bottles, insect repellent, sunscreen, boots, clothing, and rainwear. All this, plus three people, must fit into one canoe!
  • Arrange for a drop-off at Lake Traverse and a pick-up at Lake Winnipeg

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