The Red River

Sat, Feb 19 at 9:30 AM

The Red River flows north for 550 miles. 400 of those miles are in the US along the border of Minnesota and North Dakota. 150 of those miles are in Manitoba, Canada, on the way to Lake Winnipeg. We will actually be starting this summer (June, 2022) on the Bois de Sioux River, which begins at the dam on Lake Traverse, along the South Dakota-Minnesota border. 40 miles later at Wahpeton, ND, the Bois de Sioux and the Ottertail River join to form the Red River. Lake Traverse is the southernmost body of water in the Hudson Bay watershed, so that is why we are starting there. Later we will join our Mississippi leg with our Hudson Bay leg and complete the cross-continent trek!

Our route this summer, from the pink portion in the south to Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba.
Headwaters of the Bois de Sioux

The Bois de Sioux does not look very exciting in this picture, but then again, the Red River is kind of sluggish also. We will have a calm, hot, daydream-filled trip this summer, unless the Red decides to flood, as it did in a major fashion in 2009.

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