Little did we know that we would be traveling through Scandinavia today. The little town of Oslo is right on the river, surrounded by a levee. We got free popcorn at the Cenex station and stretched our legs a bit. When we took off from Grand Forks, we had a dam to navigate, but our friends Russ and Scott had scouted it out for us and told us we would be fine running it, so we did. When we got back in the boat after visiting Oslo, I discovered I still had my underwear around my neck where it had been drying after last night’s thunderstorm. The cotton from the cottonwood trees is still flying thickly through the air. Sometimes it looks like it is snowing.

Oslo, Minnesota

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  1. I concur with Nancy’s remark above, Anne. I’m sure the town of Oslo had a shock dealing with one weird canoeing woman! Thanks for my favourite chuckle of the day. You have not changed a lot from the amusing and resourceful girl I first got to know in 1963!


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