I Don’t Own an Ice Boat

I am all packed and ready to leave for northern Minnesota for the summer. I start work at the forest service on April 25th, so I thought leaving right after Easter was a good idea. I asked the guys who work at the boathouse to get my motor on my boat so I can tear across the water the instant I arrive. I get so antsy to be at the cabin I can hardly stand these last few days. Then I received by return email this photo of the landing where my boat is. It looks like I will be sleeping either in my car or in a forest service closet for a while. I’ll be taking bets here on this post site on the day I will be able to cross the lake in my boat. No money involved, just glory! Speaking of which, Happy Easter!

Elbow Lake, April 15, 2022
My boat is right behind the skinny little tree in the middle of the photo, buried.

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