Three Stooges alias Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka

Last night the three of us who will be paddling to Hudson Bay gave a presentation in Iowa Falls, Iowa. I have done quite a few of these programs by myself, as have they, but this was the first time we did it jointly. It was really fun for me, and I think it gave the people in the audience a glimpse into how we work together on the river. We did a paddling and portaging demonstration, viewed some maps, sang a couple songs with audience participation, talked about route options, equipment, and logistics, and shared some gorp. We described our past Mississippi trip, explained our upcoming Hudson Bay trip, and analyzed why there were five years between the two. We all wanted to inspire and challenge the audience members to chase their dreams, whatever their age. The turnout was excellent despite funky weather, and I want to thank everyone for coming.

Deb Lenox White (detached), Deb Stephens Knutson (confused), Anne Sherve-Ose (amused) explaining the finer points of life on the river.

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