Triple Whammy


Think about your experience with crossing an international border into another country. One always needs lots of paperwork and lots of time. Now think about what travel has been like for the past two years. Covid has made it nearly impossible to get anywhere without jumping through countless hoops. Now think about trying to legally cross a border where there is no immigration control, no customs, no agents, no towns, no hours of operation.

I have been trying to find out how to do this Red River entry into Canada. There are places on the web that tell me how to enter by boat, but the information is intended for commercial ships. There are places that tell me how to take my “pleasure craft” through customs, but it advises me to go to Quebec, Newfoundland, or New Brunswick. There is a message for the one Private Boat entry point in Manitoba that says, “Important Notice: Service at this location has been temporarily suspended until further notice.” There is a Canadian Border Service Agency office in Emerson, Manitoba, which is the nearest Canadian town to the US border, but the office is not on the river and of course we will have no car. They also don’t list a telephone, so I have written to that office by snail mail. Does anyone reading this have any suggestions?

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  1. Not to worry , Anne. I’ll find a phone number for you and send it to your email address or email me your phone number and I’ll call you. If need be, I could probably drive down from Winnipeg to meet you and drive you to the customs office at the border crossing Emerson MB/ Pembina ND. Gayle

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  2. Hi Sunny! Your friend’s suggestion to drive you across the border is probably your best option for this summer. To travel by canoe across the border requires a RABC (remote area border crossing) permit. Check out the RABC website (Canadian government). The RABC program has been suspended since March 2020 due to Covid border requirements and there is no planned date for reinstatement.

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