A Thwarted Vacation

My husband and I planned a winter visit to our island this week. We knew there was over a foot of snow on the lake, but we thought we were prepared. We had a four-wheeler in tow to transport us over the ice as we followed snowmobile tracks to the island. We weren’t ready to get stuck in the deep fluffy snow quite so many times. The snowmobile tracks went nowhere near the island! Eventually, as evening was approaching, we abandoned the four-wheeler and sled in the middle of the lake and hoofed it the last quarter mile or so. We had planned on returning to the truck to get the rest of our stuff, but that was out of the question by the time we finally arrived at the cabin. The solar panels were working just fine, the woodstove heated up, but we didn’t have our food, water, his CPAP machine, his medications, and a lot of our clothing. We spent a warm but almost sleepless night under our many down sleeping bags. The next morning we tried snowshoeing back to the four-wheeler, but my husband is a big guy and still sank more than a foot into the snow. Meanwhile, I skied back, but even that was not easy going. By the time we got back to the four-wheeler, we were exhausted. Luckily, after spending the night unattended, the engine started right up and took us back to our truck without incident. That was the end of that vacation! Less than 24 hours on the lake!

A snow witch greeted us on our deck

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