Foggy Bottom

I play the organ for Sunday morning services at a little Lutheran church an hour away from my cabin. As the fall progresses and the days get shorter, my departures for the 8:30 service becomes more and more light-impaired. A week ago I got down to my boat in the early dawn and realized it... Continue Reading →

Outhouse update

Sorry to leave you in the lurch concerning the progress of my outhouse. I finished the hole after about 12 hours of digging, spaced over a couple weeks. At that point I hit bedrock and decided the pit was deep enough at four and a half feet. It is about three and a half feet... Continue Reading →

Post from the pit

People ask me "What have you been doing since you finished the first leg of your epic voyage?" I am sure they are expecting an answer about something equally stimulating, deep, and long-lasting. And they are right!I spend my days (when I'm not working for the forest service) digging a hole. Each morning I wake... Continue Reading →

Back in the saddle

My friends Matt and Tyler and I just finished paddling the Vermilion River in northern Minnesota. It was a lovely, peaceful river, with just enough rapids, falls, and portages to keep it interesting. We spent 5 days on the trip, but could have easily done it in 3. We were busy enjoying other things like... Continue Reading →

It’s a wrap!

We paddled 456 miles in 18 days, from Lake Traverse on the eastern border of South Dakota, to Pembina, North Dakota, on the Canadian border. ln the process we lost 2 shoes, one bandana, a bag of cords, a head net, and a flashlight. We gained a new perspective on the Red River as a... Continue Reading →


After another extremely windy day on the river, daughter Rachel picked us up in Pembina. We are happy to be finished, yet glad we did it I will write a more retrospective and introspective post when I have recovered.

June 25

We ended up staying in the emergency shelter in Drayton last night. It was the old school gym and had a kitchen and bathroom. We were in heaven! The storms outside seemed to rage on forever. This morning our canoe was half full of water. We fought a wind all day again today. When it... Continue Reading →


We are sitting in a bar in Drayton ND, waiting for the tornado warnings and torrential rain to end. We had lots of wind today. When it was in our faces, it was tough.We had 12-inch rollers coming at us because of the wind. But when it was at our backs, we flew! We passed... Continue Reading →

June 23

We had a good day today paddling. We saw no humans, no boats, several pelicans, a beaver, some swans, some geese, some ducks, a turtle, some fish. We are the queens of our own little empire, high above the water with a breeze, cotton, and mud. We had cherry cheesecake for supper. We washed all... Continue Reading →


Little did we know that we would be traveling through Scandinavia today. The little town of Oslo is right on the river, surrounded by a levee. We got free popcorn at the Cenex station and stretched our legs a bit. When we took off from Grand Forks, we had a dam to navigate, but our... Continue Reading →

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