Little did we know that we would be traveling through Scandinavia today. The little town of Oslo is right on the river, surrounded by a levee. We got free popcorn at the Cenex station and stretched our legs a bit. When we took off from Grand Forks, we had a dam to navigate, but our... Continue Reading →

Grand Forks

We had a great day paddling today. Although it was windy, it was not so hot, and we were like horses racing for the stable. My brothers' friend Russ met us upon our arrival and helped us carry dirty packs to a hotel for Deb and Deb and to a campground for me. We are... Continue Reading →

June 20

Yesterday was miserable. Today was better. We are having a thunderstorm right now and it is cooling off considerably. We stopped at Belmont Park around noon and had ice cold water from the spigot. I can't tell you how you refreshing that was! Then we washed our hair and as much body as we could... Continue Reading →

June 19

The big news today is that we saw a rock! It is the first rock we have seen since before Fargo. It was about the size of half a cantaloupe. That might not sound very exciting to you, but it means we might have a place to get out of the canoe at some future... Continue Reading →


We paddled over 30 miles today in ferocious winds. Luckily, the wind was from the south. Luckily, the Red River is still flowing north. We are at Halstad, Minnesota, home of the world's largest sugar beet. It is about 50 miles south of Grand Forks as the crow flies, not as we fly.  All is... Continue Reading →

June 17

Please forgive me if I have been focusing too much on mud in these posts. Lo, it is with us always, but that doesn't mean we don't notice and even revel in the positive things that we are experiencing. The wildlife viewing has been fantastic. We see many deer every day, and have also spotted... Continue Reading →

Mud City

Our canoe was still waiting for us in the bushes this morning. No one had wanted to wade out in the foot- deep mud to steal it. We got to the midtown Fargo dam and scouted it out from piles of mud that a skid loader had scraped together. It looked like nothing so much... Continue Reading →


We made it to Fargo by the middle of the afternoon. There are three dams in the Fargo area. We had to cross one before we entered the city. The access was total mud and the portage trail was the same, so by the time we reached our destination, we were filthy once again, plus... Continue Reading →

June 14

We are camped under a high line tonight because it's the only place that is not muddy. We finally gave in and went swimming in the Red River. It was a gooey experience. We are not much cleaner but we are a little cooler. We went over two dams today with no problem. We should... Continue Reading →

June 13

Tonight we are just north of Wolverton. We paddled 34 mi today to get to a non-existent campsite. It must be under water. Instead we are in a cow pasture with an electric fence and flotsam and jetsam everywhere. Again we find ourselves squatters. It rained last night, but we had very good weather today.... Continue Reading →

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