The Big, Wide Red

I am excited to tell you that a story about our Red River paddling trip has just been published in the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer. This is a magazine published by the Minnesota DNR that seeks to preserve, protect, and publicize Minnesota’s natural treasures.

Check it out here: (pressing the blue letters should give you the option to open the article.)

3 thoughts on “The Big, Wide Red

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  1. You are not only a great adventurer but a gifted writer. The article was engaging and the reader could imagine being there with you! I envy you the beauty and majestic scenery and wildlife but not the mud! Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure!


  2. Congratulations! Dave and I are en route to
    Florida and I just read your Big Wide Red story yesterday in the Conservation Volunteer! Great story kid! Maybe u should try a book next…take a look at the book “Cafe on the Edge of the World”. Interesting short read…we are headed to Nashville tonight and going to the Grand Ole Opry. Pretty excited about that. Hi to Alan and let’s stay in touch. Are u still at your cabin?

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